Selected News & Media Articles

Dr. Erickson was on sabbatical leave from 2017-2019 for writing and marketing her two new book.


  • Newser.  “Here’s Why Women are Robbing Banks”.  Elizabeth Armstrong Moore. August 6, 2016.
  • Clippings. “The Feminization of Bank Robberies”. Kat Albrecht August 11, 2016.
  • Sioux Falls Woman Magazine. “Profiles: Understanding the Criminal Mind”.  July/August 2016.
  • Sun Sentinel.  “Women take lead role in bank robberies as need for weapons, accomplices wane”.  Rebeca Piccardo. July 23, 2016.
  • Sun-Sentinel. “Woman accused of Broward robberies left behind fingerprints, feds say.” “Paula McMahon. June 22, 2016.
  • Sun-Sentinel.  “Female robber with a neck tattoo hits up Pompano Beach bank.”  Rebeca Piccardo. June 15, 2016.
  • Sun-Sentinel.  FBI releases photos of woman wanted in robbery of Broward Boulevard bank.  Tonya Alanez. June 10, 2016.
  • Graphic Products.  “Door height markers are everywhere and for good reason”.  Sally Murdoch. May 19, 2016.


  • “Resorting to vigilantism makes bad situations worse”.  Tim Stella. 12/9/15.
  • Convenience Store Decisions.  “Loss Prevention: Handling it Electronically”.  March, 2015.






  • NACS Magazine.  “Bad Boys, Bad Boys”, Scott Orr.
  • Convenience Store  “Security by Force”. Erin Rigik.  July 01, 2010.
  • NACS Magazine.  “Taking a Bite out of Crime”.  Pat Pape.  August 2010.
  • National Petroleum News.  “Securing all of your Assets”.  Maura Keller.  2010.
  • The Messenger.  “Shootings Raise Questions of Safety”.  Lindsey Mutchler.  November 18, 2010. 
  • Webster City News.  “Policies Followed, What More to Do?”  Lindsey Mutchler.  November 17, 2010. 
  • Ft. Dodge.  “Shootings Raise Questions of Safety”.  Lindsey Mutchler.  November 18, 2010. 
  • Des Moines Register.  “A Look at Security in Convenience Stores.   Jeff Eckhoff.  November 17, 2010. 
  • NACSonline.  “Research Shows Two Employees Don’t Equal Safer Stores”.  November 22, 2010. 
  • KELO-TV (CBS).  Sioux Falls, SD "Violent Crimes In Violent Times". May 14, 2010. Read Story | View Video
  • Cincinnati Enquirer.  More Women Rob Banks.  Janice Morse.  January 2, 2010. 


  • Florida Today.  “Retail Thefts, Danger Rises During Holidays”.  Keyonna Summers.  12/14/09.
  • The Police Chief.  “Robbery and Violence Prevention in Small Retail Businesses”. October 2009.
  •  “Training Helps in Convenience Store Robberies”.  Dave Roepke.  7/22/09.
  • KELO-TV (CBS).  Sioux Falls, SD “Crime Expert Examines Recent Robberies”.  5/27/09
  •  “Robbing Banks no Longer just for Guys”.  2/20/09
  • “Police See More Women Robbing Banks”.  2/03/09.
  • Fox  “Bonnie Without Clyde”.  2/03/09.
  •  “More Women Robbing Banks”.  Sumathi Reddy. 
  • NACS Connect 365.  “Take Steps to Deter Robbers”.  Bob Glissmann.  1/16/09
  • Omaha World Herald.  “Take Steps to Deter Robbers”.  Bob Glissmann.  1/15/09
  • MSNBC-TV.  “Thieves Caught on Tape”. 2009.
Media Video Coverage

  • "Violent Crimes In Violent Times" KELO-TV (CBS affiliate). 5/14/2010.
  • "Crime Expert Examines Recent Robberies" KELO-TV (CBS affiliate). 5/27/2009.
  • "88 Conn. Banks Robbed Last Year." WFSB Hartford, CT (CBS affiliate). 02/27/07. Connecticut banks have security protocol to deter robberies, but some do not employ armed guards for sake of customer comfort.
  • "Crackberry Crash", CNBC. 12/7/06. The addictive nature of PDAs was blamed for an accident in Washington state. Rosemary Erickson, Athena Research Corp. Pres., and CNBC's Becky Quick discuss whether legislation is necessary.
  • “Assault cases.” Inside KELO -LAND. (CBS affiliate). 11/13/05.
  • “Crime Expert Studies Murder.” KELO-TV (CBS affiliate). 9/22/05.   
  • “Hotel Hazards”. KELO-TV (CBS affiliate). 6/23/04.
  • “Drive-By Shootings.” KELO-TV (CBS affiliate). 4/22/04.

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